Roboscan Receives VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin

We are pleased to announce that Roboscan in its first attempt has been awarded the VB100 award by Virus Bulletin in their June 2012 addition!  Virus Bulletin is widely known and trusted for its detection of virus rates and scanning speeds in their comparative tests with existing antiviruses on the market.  This review tested 37 antiviruses on WINDOWS 2008 SERVER platform.

Roboscan received a high RAP, Reactive and Proactive, test score of 92.6% and zero false positives detected.  This reflects its ability to detect and accurately identify newly emerging malware and previously unknown malware samples.  In addition, Roboscan demonstrated 100% efficiency when tested against viruses “in-the-wild” and on clean sets.

The author stated that “testing proved unproblematic, with impressive scanning speeds including improvements in the warm runs, light overheads and very low resource usage, with our set of activities running through quickly.”  The author also noted that detection rates in the RAP sets were excellent and that our first entry in Virus Bulletin’s official test history looked good.

We are proud of Roboscan’s early success and look forward to more in the future.



3 thoughts on “Roboscan Receives VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin

  1. Hello,

    I’d like to know how the free version of Roboscan differs from the free ALYac Basic version (which isn’t yet available in English but only in Korean)? Secondly, do you think Roboscan is compatible with Windows 8?


    • Roboscan and ALYac Basic Version are very, very similar. ALYac is our sister product in Korea. Roboscan is fully compatible with Windows 8.

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