Some information about Roboscan’s VB100 Award

Roboscan recently received a VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, one of the major publications about internet security. The VB100 seal is awarded to a security product that meets two criteria:

  • Detects 100% of “In the Wild” samples provided by the WildList Organization. WildList maintains a catalog of active malware reported by “virus information professionals.” This page is the WildList published in July 2012.
  • Does not produce any false positives. A “false positive” is a safe file that is incorrectly identified as dangerous. False positives can occur when a section of code or characters in the safe file matches the code or characters in a known virus file.  To identify threats, some anti-malware programs use proactive scanning (also called heuristic scanning), which examines the behavior of a file for malicious or abnormal processes, instead of simply looking a file’s signature. However, this means an overzealous scanner can sometimes misidentify a safe file as contaminated, resulting in a false positive.

Roboscan recognized for speed and light resource usage

In addition to meeting the criteria for the VB100 award, Roboscan was recognized by Virus Bulletin for having “impressive scanning speeds,” “light overheads,” and “very low resource usage.” To evaluate speed and efficiency, Virus Bulletin measures a number of factors, including increase in RAM and CPU usage during performance, and lag times for accessing files.

This means Roboscan won’t slow down your computer while in use. We pride ourselves on providing you with a free security product that protects you without slowing down your computer.