How to do Regular Check Ups on your Computer 1

Babies require vaccinations in order to normally fuse with society. Often times, these precautionary methods are not enough and we get sick. To ensure health, it is recommended people get regular check ups by a doctor. Computer operating systems also require an antivirus software of some sort in order to operate normally. Perhaps not as often, but these efforts are not enough and unwanted programs are installed without our knowledge. Unlike people, it is not easy to get your computer regularly checked by a professional for hidden malware. However, it is easy to do regular check ups on your computer yourself.

No longer is it necessary for you to have a degree in Computer Science or be a tech genius to give your computer a regular checkup. With the help of the internet, a little patience and time, you will be surprised by what you are capable of.

Here’s how I do my regular check ups:

1. Open the “Control Panel”

2. Open “Programs”

3. Open “Programs and Features”

This will allow you to see most of the programs that are installed on your computer.

4. Go through the list and make a note of any programs you do not recognize. Most program names are self-explanatory but there will be names that you do not recognize nor contain the purpose of the program (whether it’s a download assistant or toolbar). I usually write them down on a piece of paper but that’s up to you.

5. Utilize your internet access. I usually go online and type the name of the program as accurately as possible. Sometimes the version numbers or certain details will not give you the desired results. When these occasions arise,  leave out the details and try the first 3~4 words. If that does not give me enough information, I type “reviews” after the name of the program. This usually gives me a better idea of what the program really is, not just what the program’s creators want me to believe.

6. Determine whether the program you are searching is absolutely necessary to your computer. Some programs may no longer be necessary, some programs may not be needed for the near future. Just keep in mind unnecessary programs are taking up that much of your computer’s memory right now.

7. Upon determining a program is unnecessary, click on the program from the “Programs and Feature” list and uninstall or delete.

The last time I did a regular check up on my laptop, I found 3 spyware programs and an add-on I had no idea when or how they were installed. What did your check up reveal?

Do you know all the programs installed on your computer?

Do you know all the programs installed on your computer?


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