Roboscan and CDP in the 1st Porsche Carrera Cup Race

As you know, Roboscan Internet Security is a fast and light antivirus software.

Guess what else is fast and light? Our partner, athlete Connor De Phillppi driving in the Porsche Carrera Cup! Connor was chosen as one of two to be the new Porsche Motorsport supported junior racing drivers for the 2013 season. So far he has been doing great despite the fact this is his first season in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland races. He came in P20, then P7 in Spielburg, Austria where the 3rd round of the Porsche Carrera cup took place this past weekend.

Passionate, dedicated, guaranteeing maximum performance, and overall excellence, Roboscan and Connor share similar attributes, which made partnering with Connor a no brainer for us.

A broadcasting company in Germany went to Hockenheim, Germany for the 1st Porsche Carrera Cup Race and interviewed the drivers and observed the cars participating in the big race.

In this video, you get to see the car in the photos on our blog and Facebook page in action!



Some information about Roboscan’s VB100 Award

Roboscan recently received a VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, one of the major publications about internet security. The VB100 seal is awarded to a security product that meets two criteria:

  • Detects 100% of “In the Wild” samples provided by the WildList Organization. WildList maintains a catalog of active malware reported by “virus information professionals.” This page is the WildList published in July 2012.
  • Does not produce any false positives. A “false positive” is a safe file that is incorrectly identified as dangerous. False positives can occur when a section of code or characters in the safe file matches the code or characters in a known virus file.  To identify threats, some anti-malware programs use proactive scanning (also called heuristic scanning), which examines the behavior of a file for malicious or abnormal processes, instead of simply looking a file’s signature. However, this means an overzealous scanner can sometimes misidentify a safe file as contaminated, resulting in a false positive.

Roboscan recognized for speed and light resource usage

In addition to meeting the criteria for the VB100 award, Roboscan was recognized by Virus Bulletin for having “impressive scanning speeds,” “light overheads,” and “very low resource usage.” To evaluate speed and efficiency, Virus Bulletin measures a number of factors, including increase in RAM and CPU usage during performance, and lag times for accessing files.

This means Roboscan won’t slow down your computer while in use. We pride ourselves on providing you with a free security product that protects you without slowing down your computer.

Roboscan Receives VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin

We are pleased to announce that Roboscan in its first attempt has been awarded the VB100 award by Virus Bulletin in their June 2012 addition!  Virus Bulletin is widely known and trusted for its detection of virus rates and scanning speeds in their comparative tests with existing antiviruses on the market.  This review tested 37 antiviruses on WINDOWS 2008 SERVER platform.

Roboscan received a high RAP, Reactive and Proactive, test score of 92.6% and zero false positives detected.  This reflects its ability to detect and accurately identify newly emerging malware and previously unknown malware samples.  In addition, Roboscan demonstrated 100% efficiency when tested against viruses “in-the-wild” and on clean sets.

The author stated that “testing proved unproblematic, with impressive scanning speeds including improvements in the warm runs, light overheads and very low resource usage, with our set of activities running through quickly.”  The author also noted that detection rates in the RAP sets were excellent and that our first entry in Virus Bulletin’s official test history looked good.

We are proud of Roboscan’s early success and look forward to more in the future.



Welcome to The Roboscan Security Blog!  Our company, Roboscan Inc., recently launched a new antivirus product, Roboscan, which is fast and light with low resource usage.  Roboscan has both a free and pro version available.  Our free version has all the essential features to ensure the highest quality protection, and the pro version goes a little farther to provide PC Optimization as well.

Our goal with this blog is to provide our readers with up to date information about our product, Roboscan, as well to keep readers informed with interesting articles and other content regarding internet security and malware.  These days malware attacks are rampant, and we recognize our responsibility to not only bring awareness to our readers but also to provide solutions to ensure their safety.

We hope you enjoy it!